PD 120-2

Partial Discharge Test

By a partial discharge test with the cable diagnostics systems PD120-2 or PDTD120-2, the dielectric condition of a medium voltage cable can be evaluated. As an expanded device PDTD120-2 comes with an integrated tan delta diagnostics system!

The total weight for high voltage filter, coupling capacitor and calibrator is 59 kg. Thus the system is perfectly suitable for mobile use. For the partial discharge test a sinusoidal 0.1 Hz VLF voltage is employed, adjustable over a range of up to 120 kV peak.


  • From small, portable units for one-site use (e.g. off-shore) to built-in solutions for "test van" versions.
  • b2 Suite® software
  • Reporting by a mouse click – simple or comprehensive.
  • The parallel testing and measurement of PD and TD saves a significant amount of time, and prevents preconditioning of the cable.
  • Measurement of the intensity of partial discharges versus time
  • Localization of faults by TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)
  • Display of faults in the partial discharges mapping
  • Phase related depiction

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